Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings section contains these settings for the corresponding action types:



Displays on these action types

Default Comment/Attachment Visibility

Select this checkbox to preselect the public visibility option for the attachment or comment. This only applies when the user has the option to select visibility for the attachment or comment they are adding.  See Case Details & Actions for more information.

Attachment Permission Group

Specify the Permission Groups that can view the attachments. Only users who belong to the specified permission groups can view the uploaded files in the Case View page.

Files that have restricted view access are listed under the Internal tab in the Attachments section.

Submit Options

Displays the Submit and Next button that will automatically open the next case in the case list that the case was opened from.

Clear all approvals

Select to remove the approval history in a multi user approval action after the action executes.

Follower Settings

Displays the Follow this case option that enables users to follow a case.

Pre-selects the Follow this case option when the user performs the action.

Both of these options are selected by default

Feed Activity Description

Enter an activity description that will display to end users in the Activity column on a feed.

Note: The user's feed must be configured to include the Activity column in order for the description to display.

Attachment Labels

Define the labels the users can use to label the attachments when uploading files to a case.

Separate the labels using commas. To translate the attachment labels, enter the dictionary keys separated by commas.

Note: Attachment Labels are only available for the standard file attachment component that can be added to a workflow action form. To facilitate attachment labels, add the File Name component in Form Designer > Standard tab.

Hide File Upload InstructionsSelect this option to hide the instruction box that displays information about uploading files. Instructions include information about setting labels, file type restrictions, and file size restrictions.

Execute this Action Automatically

Select this option to enable automatic execution of the action when the case enters the status.

Note: We do not display this option when the case does not change status. We also restrict you to one automatic action per status.

Used as Mass Updates Action

Select this to option to enable this action as a bulk action. See Mass Update Permissions for more information.

Message Shown After Action Execution

Enter an informational message that will display to the user after the action is performed.

Note: This message is included along with the default system message and does not override it.

Action Can Be Used As Custom View

Use this option to display the action form in place of the View Case action. This enables users to edit the available fields instead of seeing them as read-only.

Next Action System ID

Enter the system ID of the action that executes automatically after the current action is executed.

When you enter the system ID of the target action and then save the change, Workflow displays a next actions properties link to access the action properties for the target action.

Group Change Status Actions

Enable this option to combine multiple Change Status actions into a single icon that displays to end users. Users can select from a list of statuses when they execute the action.

When this option is disabled, each of the Change Status action icons are displayed separately to the end user.

Document Template

Choose a document template from the list of available templates that users can download when performing the action. Each of the templates selected will be shown as an available option to the user. See Document Templates for more information on creating templates.