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Attachments Panel

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When the Attachments panel is displayed, you can preview or download the attached files, or upload new attachments. You can sort the list of attachments by clicking theArrow icons next to the column heads.

Workflow displays details about the attachment that may include:

  • File name
  • Available actions
  • User who uploaded the file
  • Date and time of attachment
  • File size
  • Label (if the case has an attachment with a label defined)  

Preview Attachment

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To preview an attachment:

  1. Click on the file name and a preview of the file will display.
  2. Click the icon or anywhere on the page to close the preview window.

Download Attachment

To download an attachment:

  1. Click the  Download icon next to the file you wish to download and Workflow will download the file.

Replace Attachment

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To replace an attachment with a revised file:

  1. Click the  icon and Workflow displays a File Upload window.
  2. Click the Upload icon to browse for the file.  
  3. Select the file and click Open.
  4. Add a comment if desired.
  5. Click Submit to replace the file.

View Attachment History

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To view attachment revision history:

  1. Click the icon and Workflow displays a list with details of the file revisions.

Upload New File Attachment

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To upload a new file attachment:

  1. Click the Attach File link in the Attachments panel, or select the Attach File icon in the Actions panel.
  2. Workflow displays a window where you can upload your file.
  3. Select one of these options:
    • Add new file.
    • Add new version of existing file.
  4. Click the icon to browse for your file.
  5. Select a label for the file being uploaded. The label is displayed on the Case View page and helps reviewers to identify the contents of the uploaded file. 
  6. Select the file and click Open.
  7. Add a comment if desired.
  8. Click Submit to add the attachment to the case.