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Case Details

When you click on a case key, Workflow opens the Case Details page and displays all related information to the case, including customer details. This is the page where you interact with a case.

Note: The features described below are optional and must be configured by your administrator. You may or may not have access to each of these depending on how your administrators have set up the system.

We enable you to browse through all cases in a list using the Browse Case menu when there are multiple cases to view:

This allows you to navigate the cases in the list that you opened a case from.

Example: If you opened a case from the Open Cases I Created list, then this control will navigate through all of the cases in that list.

Workflow also displays a workflow progress diagram that identifies the current status of the case. In this example, the case is in the first step (status), out of nine:

Workflow also displays other panels on the Case Details page. You may, or may not see these items, depending on how your administrator configured your workspace:

  • Actions: Displays the available actions you can perform on the case in the current status.
  • Team: Enables you to view, add, or remove team members, and to assign or remove team member roles. Depending on your permissions, you may only be able to view case team members.
  • Multi Task Progress Indicator: Displays the progress of a multi-task action, including the number of approvers that have approved and are need to approve the case.
  • Related Cases: Displays a list of related cases and enables you to relate the case to an existing case, or create a new related case.
  • Comments: Displays comments related to the case and enables you to add or reply to comments.
  • Attachments: Displays a list of files attached to the case.
  • Ad-Hoc Reminders: Displays a list of reminders associated with the case, and enables you to create, update, and delete reminders.

Your administrator may also include one or more custom fields that will display on your Case Details page.