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Case List Widgets

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Along with your case creation widget, you may also want to add a Case List widget to your website. Workflow provides a wizard that you can use to configure the widget, enabling end users to view a list of cases on your web page. 

To access the workspace, go to Setup > Fields & Forms > Case List Widgets.

Create New Case List Widget

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To create a new case list widget, go to Setup > Fields & Forms > Case List Widgets and

  1. Select the Widget Setup Wizard link. Workflow opens the Form Designer where you can configure the page layout for your widget.
  2. Configure your page layout. See Form Designer for more information.
  3. Click Next to advance the wizard. 
  4. Configure the settings in the following sections: 
    • Basic Settings: Configure these parameters: 
      • Name: Name the list. 
Configure the following fields to filter the list that will display to end users: 
  • Workflow
  • Project
  • Created On Dates
  • Assignee
  • Creator
  • Status
  • Include Closed Cases
  • List
  • Advanced Settings: Configure these parameters:
    • Enable Add Comment: Select to allow users to add comments.
    • Page Size: Enter the number of list results you want to display on one page by default. 
    • Background Color: Enter the color name or hex code equivalent for the background color.
    • Display 'Send To' Container: Enable to display the container.
    • Display Search Box: Enable to display the search box to end users. 
    • Widget Width: Enter the width in pixels of the widget as it will appear on your page.
    • Widget Height: Enter the height in pixels of the widget as it will appear on your page. 
    • I don't want to use receiver.htm: Select this option if you won't be using the file. You can retrieve the file by clicking the click here link in the instructional text at the top of the section.
  1. Click Next to advance the wizard. Workflow displays two blocks of HTML code. You need to include the first block of code in the Head section of the web page where the widget will appear. Then, you need to enter the second block of code in the position on your web page where you want the widget to appear. 
  2. Select OK to close the window and return to the Case List Widgets workspace.

Manage Case List Widgets

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When you open the Case List Widgets workspace, we display a list of existing case list widgets. You can enter a keyword to search for a specific widget, or you can filter by these fields: 

  • Name 
  • Hidden

We also provide a Look Up field that you can use to find a public case creation object, based on the URL you provide. This is a convenient way for you to look up an instance when you don't know the name or when it's among a lengthy list of objects. Enter the URL in the Look Up field and click the button. Workflow opens the related public case creation object in edit mode.

Workflow enables you to perform these actions: 

  • Edit: Edit the object properties.

  • Details: See the record creation and update details.
  • Form Designer: Opens the Form Designer. See Form Designer for more information.

  • HTML Code: Displays the HTML code that you need to add to your web page to display the widget. 
  • Delete: Enables you to delete the object.