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Workflow enables you to view the relative proportions of different case parameters using a graphical pie chart, or 3D bar chart. Charts are available on search pages, and the Home, Find Cases, Project, and Lists workspaces.   

You can access charts from collapsible panels on various workspaces, or by selecting Charts from the main menu.

Create New Chart

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To create a new chart:

  1. Enter the filter criteria in the New Search tab using any combination of the available search parameters. See links below for help on searching.  

  2. Select Search to display the results of your search in the chart on the right.

  3. Alternatively, select Reset to clear the search filters.

View & Configure Charts

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Workflow displays the results of your search in a collapsible panel to the right of the search panel. You can hover over a bar or a section on a pie chart to display additional information about the segment.

  1. You can configure these fields that appear under the chart to change how your chart will display:

    • Chart Type: Select from these chart options:

      • Pie Chart

      • 3D Bar Chart

    • Chart Represents Number of Cases by: Select from these options:

      • Priority

      • Status

      • Project

      • Assignee

      • Creator

      • Workflow

      • Contact

      • Account

      • Custom Field: This option enables these additional options:

        • Custom Field Name: Select a field name.

        • Include only cases whose workflow contain this custom field: Select either true or false.

        • Include only cases which have entered values for this custom field: Select either true or false.

    • Show Legend on Chart: Select true to display a legend under the chart, or false to hide the legend.

    • Maximum Number of Slice/Bar to Show: Enter the desired maximum number of slices or bars to display. This is helpful if you expect a large number of slices, as Workflow will group the remaining slices into an Other category on the chart, making it easier to read, adding one extra slice or bar to the chart.

  1. Click Display to update the chart.

  2. Select the Present in Table View link at the top of the panel to display the results in list view.

Lists Tab

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The Lists tab navigates you to the Lists workspace. See Lists for more information.