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Configure Field Values Manually

To manually configure a custom field with predefined values:

  1. Click the new New Custom Field link on the Custom Fields workspace.

  2. Complete the form fields.

  3. Select one of the following custom field types:

    • Autocomplete

    • Checkbox

    • Multiple Autocomplete

    • Multiple Choice Pick Up List

    • Pick List

    • Radio Button

  4. Click Customize Values Manually.

  5. Complete the form fields: 

    • Label: Assign a custom label to display everywhere the field is used. You can override the label later using the Form Designer.
    • System ID: A unique identifier, automatically generated when you name an object. You can use this identifier to reference an object in scripts, templates, tags, and through the API. You can change the System ID by selecting the pencil icon. Use caution when changing the ID as it can affect existing scripts associated with the object. For more information, see System ID.

    • Pre Selected: Select to make this the default value when the form displays. 

    • Disabled: This value won’t display if you select this checkbox. This can be helpful when you have a value that is temporarily needed, but no longer applies, such as with a product you no longer carry or service.

  6. Click Add to add the new value.
    The values appear in  the left pane.

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to create additional values.

  8. You can edit, delete, or translate any of the predefined values by selecting the related link.

    Note: You need to save the field before you can translate it.

  9. Click Update to add all new values.

  10. Click Add to create the field.