Configure Field Values Using Custom Tables

To configure field values using custom tables: 

  1. Select Use Custom Tables to configure the custom field values using a custom table.

  2. Click the Define Query button. A window displays for you to configure the query.

  3. Modify the query to extract the data you need. Your modified query might look like this:

select ColumnName2 from CustomTableName where ColumnName2 = ‘$!{currentCase.getValue(‘color’)’ 

When configuring field values using custom tables to configure custom fields, you can use tags in your SQL code that represent workflow objects. For more information, see Tags and Custom Table Queries.

  1. Select Test to test your query and see which values will generate SQL code.

    Note: Workflow only displays the first 10 items from your table in the results.

  1. Select Update to save your changes. A preview of the new field displays.

  2. Select Add to finish creating your new custom field.

You can also select a table from the list of tables, and then click Generate Query to display a sample template query. You can then modify that query based on your requirements.

See Custom Tables for information on setting up a custom table.

See Tags and Custom Table Queries for more information.