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Configure View Case

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The View Case page layout enables you to configure the case and related information that users will see when they view a case. You can add and configure case panels, case tools, custom and standard fields, forms, and user interface components to the page layout. 

We provide a complete list of standard fields that you can add to the View Case page layout. See Allowed Standard Fields for more information.

You can also view these related topics for more information on adding custom fields, forms, and UI components to the View Case page layout:

When configured, your page layout in Form Designer may look something like this: 

When an end user views a case in the workflow, the configuration above will resemble the following screenshot:

Allowed Standard Fields

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Workflow enables you to configure the View Case action with these standard account and contact fields:

Account Contact
Account Annual Revenue Contact Account

Account Billing Address 1

Contact Active
Account Billing Address 2 Contact Address 1
Account Billing Address 3 Contact Address 2
Account Billing City Contact Address 3
Account Billing CountryContact City
Account Billing State Contact Country
Account Billing ZipContact State
Account DescriptionContact Zip
Account EmployeesContact First Name
Account Fax Contact Middle Name
Account LocationContact Last Name
Account Name Contact Email
Account Phone Contact Home Phone
Account Shipping Address 1Contact Work Phone
 Account Shipping Address 1Contact Cell Phone
 Account Shipping Address 2 Contact Work Phone
 Account Shipping Address 3Contact Fax
 Account Shipping CityContact Department
 Account Shipping CountryContact Job Title
 Account Shipping State 
 Account Shipping Zip 
 Account Website 

We also enable you to configure these standard case-detail fields on the View Case action:

Assignee Case NamePriority SLA Start Date
Case Created InfoCase Link - NameRef Context LinkSLA Time Left 
Case DescriptionCase OwnerRef IDSLA Time Spent
Case Closing DateCase ReferralSLA Debug InfoStatus
Case Change Status DateCase Updated InfoSLA Due TimeVotes

You can also add the following standard action panels and tools to the View Case action page layout. You cannot edit the properties for these items:

  • Actions: Displays the Actions panel with the Case Tools option.
  • Actions Without Case Tools: Displays the Actions panel without the Case Tools option.
  • Ad-hoc Reminders: Displays the Ad-hoc Reminders panel.
  • Attachments: Displays the Attachments panel.
  • Case Breadcrumb: Displays the Case Breadcrumbs tool.
  • Case Tools (standard case actions): Displays the Case Tools option independent of the Actions panel.
  • Custom Fields Entry PointEnables you to designate a placeholder on the page layout where new custom fields will be placed when you add them to a workflow.
  • Team: Displays the Team panel.
  • Comments: Displays the Comments panel.
  • Multi Task Progress Indicator: Displays the Multi Task Progress Indicator panel when the Multi User Approval action is enabled. 
  • Next Case: Displays the Next Case navigation tool.
  • Related Cases: Displays a list of related cases.
  • Workflow Progress: Displays the current status of all statuses in the workflow.
  • List Information: Displays the names of Lists that the case belongs to.