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Contacts is an optional feature that displays only if enabled by your administrator. You can use contacts a couple of different ways, depending on your business requirements.

You can assign a contact to cases and then later identify all cases associated with the contact. In this scenario, the contact may never need to access the application to view case details or perform actions.

We also enable you to create Contacts as unregistered users who have limited access to cases. Contacts do not need to login to the Workflow application. A contact can be a customer, partner, or agent that works with your company and has an interest in certain cases.

A contact may create, monitor, and perform limited actions based on permissions defined by the administrator.  

Workflow enables you to view, edit, and delete contacts based on your permissions, which are also established by your administrator.

You can search for contacts using quick search, advanced search options, or you can sort using the Alpha Index menu. In this workspace, you can add, edit, and delete a contact, and make a contact active or inactive. You can associate a contact with a case, and can email a contact from the Basic Information tab while viewing the contact.

To access your contacts, select Contacts from the main menu.