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Contacts: Guest User Access

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Workflow enables an interested party to view and monitor the progress of a case and perform limited actions. Such parties are considered guests and are known as Contacts in Workflow. A contact's activity is limited to the permissions granted by the company.

As a guest user, when you create a case using a public access form or widget on a company's website, you must include your name and email address, and you will automatically be added to Workflow as a Contact. You do not need to log in to Workflow to view cases you create.

As a Contact, you can monitor and perform limited actions on cases you create. The fields and forms that display will vary, depending on the company's permission and configuration settings. You will receive notifications on case activity for cases you created when the business process is configured to do so.

Registered users of Workflow can see public information that is available on a contact's profile, and can send email the a contact. Registered users can also create a contact in Workflow, and can associate the contact with a case.

Create Case

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You can create one case at a time by accessing the case creation page, form, or widget on a company's website. The fields and layout may vary, depending on the company's configurations, but you will need to complete all required fields to create the case.

Required fields may include, but but are not limited to the following:

  • First Name
  • Last name
  • Email: Used to send notifications related to the case.
  • Security Check: Helps ensure you are a real person, and not a robot or malware.

Other fields might include the contact address and phone numbers, and case-related information such as the case name, related project, description, and priority.

When you are finished entering your information, click Submit to create the case. Workflow will send a notification to the email you provide. The email includes a link that gives you access to your case.

Manage Case

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When an action is performed on your case, or when the case moves to another status, Workflow sends you an email notification with the activity details.

If you no longer wish to receive notifications about the case, click the click here link that appears at the bottom of your email notification.

Edit Case

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You might not have permissions to edit a case, depending on the case status.

To edit a case:

  1. Click the Edit Case icon in the Actions panel.
  2. Make your changes.

  3. Click Submit.

Access Case

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To access your case:

  1. Click the link in the email notification that was generated when you created the case. The email notification may look similar to the following: 

  1. Workflow opens your case in a browser. You do not need to login to see the case details.

Workflow displays a summary of the case details and a series of collapsible panels.

Your case might look similar to the following:

Click the arrow icon on the right side of a panel to expand or collapse it.