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This article describes how to create a user using Administrative Setup tools. For information about other methods of creating users, see Creating Users

To create a user:

  •  Go to Setup > Users > Users and click the Add New link.

  • Fill in the information on each tab:

Info Tab

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  • Login Name: A unique name that the user will use to login to Workflow. 
  • First Name, Middle Name, Last Name: The user's name.
  • Email: The email address to use for sending notifications when the user's cases are updated.
    You can configure email settings in User Settings to make the email required, and to allow several users to share one email address.
  • Upload Photo: Upload a photo to use in the user's profile.
  • Department: The user's department.
    For more information about departments, see Departments.
  • User Type: The user's user type.
    For more information about user types, see User Types.
  • Password/Confirm Password: The user's login password.
    For information about setting a password policy, see Password Policy.
  • Send an email with login credentials to user: Select this checkbox to send a welcome notification with login credentials to the user. 
  • Administrator: Select this checkbox to set the user as an administrator.  
  • Federation ID: Applies only if you are using Federation for Single Sign On (SSO).
    For more information, see SAML SSO Integration with Workflow.

User Settings Tab 

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Use this tab to:

  • Select the country, number format, dictionary, time zone, and date and time display format for the user. 
  • Select a Business Calendar, which represents the working schedule and holidays.
    For more information, see Business Calendar.
  • Turn on Out of Office Settings to delegate a user's cases to another user during a specified period

The user will be able to change these settings at any time using the User Settings link in their profile.

If you do not specify these settings, the default settings user apply. For more information about default user settings, see User Settings.

Permission Details Tab

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This tab shows the Permission Groups in which the user is included individually, and through his department and user type.  

To add a user to a permission group, select the groups from the Permission Groups this user has been added individually to list.  

For more information about Permission Groups, see Permission Groups

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