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Custom Table Constraints

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Workflow has the following constraints on tables:

  • A custom table must have at least one column.

  • The maximum lengths for table and column names are 30 characters.

  • The maximum number of columns is 100.

  • Table and column names must:

    • Start with a letter.

    • Include only numbers, letters, and underscores (_). For example, My_Team

We also restrict you from using reserved table and column names. For a list of restricted names, see Oracle SQL Reserved Words.

Create New Custom Table

To create a new custom table:

  1. Click the Create New Table button.

  2. Complete the form fields:

    • Name: Enter a name.

    • System ID: A unique identifier, automatically generated when you name an object. You can use this identifier to reference an object in scripts, templates, tags, and through the API. You can change the System ID by selecting the pencil icon. Use caution when changing the ID as it can affect existing scripts associated with the object. For more information, see System ID.

    • Column Name: Provide a label for the column.

  3. Select the Add New Column link to add columns to the table.

  4. Click Submit to create the table.

Note: You can also import new custom tables using the Migration Manager. For more information, see Migration Manager.

To add data to your table, see Edit Custom Table.