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Create Custom Menu Item

To create a new menu item on the navigation bar:

  1. Go to Setup > Administration > Menu Settings.
  2. Click the New Menu Item link.

  1. Complete the form fields:

  • Name: Enter a name.

  • System ID: A unique identifier, automatically generated when you name an object. You can use this identifier to reference an object in scripts, templates, tags, and through the API. You can change the System ID by selecting the pencil icon. Use caution when changing the ID as it can affect existing scripts associated with the object. For more information, see System ID.

  • Active: Select this checkbox to activate the menu item.
    If the item is inactive, it appears in the Menu Item list as (Inactive) and does not appear on the navigation bar.

  • Can be parent: Select this checkbox if the menu item is a parent of a menu item group.  
    For information about menu item groups, see Create Menu Item Group.

  • Link: Not available for parent items. Enter a URL to open when the user selects the item.
    You can link to an external page or a page in Workflow.

  • Open Link in New Window: Not available for parent items. Select this checkbox to open the link in a new window or tab. 

  • Menu Item Icon: Optionally, click the Choose icon link to select an icon to display on the navigation bar.
    The icon appears instead of the item name when the navigation bar is collapsed, and next to the item name when the navigation bar is expanded.
    If you do not select an icon, Workflow uses the default icon

  • System Roles: Select which system roles can see the menu item.

  • Permission Groups: Select which permission groups can see the menu item.
    To create a new permission group, click the
    Add New link. For more information, see Permission Groups.

  1. Click Add.
    The new menu is added at the top of the Menu Items list and will appear on the navigation bar.

Menu items appear on the navigation bar in the same order as in the Menu Items list. To change the order, drag and drop menu items to the location you want.

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