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The following table lists the available methods for the currentCase object:

Return TypeMethodExplanation
VoidcreateValueOptions(CustomFieldValueOptions)Sets the value option for the custom field using these parameters: validatePredefinedValues and convertToLowerCase
ScriptContainercurrentCase.addContainer(String containerSystemID)Adds a container to the case and returns the reference to that container
VoidcurrentCase.addTeamMember(ScriptUser user)Adds a user to the case team
VoidcurrentCase.close()Closes the case
VoidcurrentCase.deleteAttachment(ScriptAttachment attachment)Deletes the attachment from the case
VoidcurrentCase.deleteContainer(String containerSystemID)Removes the container from the case
BooleancurrentCase.equals (Object)Returns true if the specified object is equal to the current object
ScriptAccountcurrentCase.getAccount()Returns the selected account from the case
ScriptUsercurrentCase.getAssignee()Returns the case assignee
List<ScriptAsignee>currentCase.getAssignees()Returns the list of all case assignees
List<ScriptAttachment>currentCase.getAttachments()Returns the list of all attachments on the case
StringcurrentCase.getCaseKey()Returns the case key
List<ScriptCaseList>currentCase.getCaseLists()Returns only public lists for the current case
List<ScriptCaseList>currentCase.getCaseListsAll()Returns the list for the current case that the user has permission to access
ScriptCaseTypecurrentCase.getCaseType()Returns the case type of the case
StringcurrentCase.getCaseUrl()Returns the case URL
ScriptDatecurrentCase.getClosedOn()Returns the date the case was closed
List<ScriptComment>currentCase.getComments()Returns the list of all comments on the case
ScriptContactcurrentCase.getContact()Returns the selected contact on the case
ScriptContactcurrentCase.getContactCaseUrl()Returns the URL of the case for guest users
ScriptContainercurrentCase.getContainer(String containerSystemID)Returns the container on the case
ScriptUsercurrentCase.getCreatedBy()Returns the user that created the case
ScriptDatecurrentCase.getCreatedOn()Returns the date the case was created
ScriptCustomFieldcurrentCase.getCustomField(String customFieldSystemID)Returns the custom field on the case
Object(Integer, String, Date, etc.)currentCase.getCustomFieldValue(String customFieldSystemID)Returns the value of the custom field
StringcurrentCase.getDescription()Returns the case description
IntegercurrentCase.getId()Returns the ID of the case
ScriptAttachmentcurrentCase.getLastAttachment()Returns the last attached file
ScriptCommentcurrentCase.getLastComment()Returns the last comment
StringcurrentCase.getName()Returns the case name
ScriptUsercurrentCase.getOwner()Returns the owner of the case
ScriptPrioritycurrentCase.getPriority()Returns the priority of the case
ScriptProjectcurrentCase.getProject()Returns the project of the case
List<ScriptCase>currentCase.getRelatedFromCases()Returns the list of all cases that are related from the current case
List<ScriptCase>currentCase.getRelatedToCases()Returns the list of all cases that are related to the current case
ScriptStatuscurrentCase.getStatus()Returns the current status of the case
ScriptDatecurrentCase.getStatusChangedOn()Returns the date of the last status change
StringcurrentCase.getSystemId()Returns the system ID of the case
ScriptUsercurrentCase.getUpdatedBy()Returns the last user who updated the case
ScriptDatecurrentCase.getUpdatedOn()Returns the date the case was updated
BooleancurrentCase.isClosed()Returns true if the case is closed
BooleancurrentCase.isCustomFieldSelectedAll(String customFieldSystemId, Object value)Returns true if one of the selected predefined values in the custom field is the value
BooleancurrentCase.isCustomFieldSelectedAny(String customFieldSystemId, Object value)Returns true if the selected predefined value in the custom field is the value
VoidcurrentCase.reOpen()Reopens the closed case
VoidcurrentCase.setAccount(ScriptAccount account)Sets the account on a case
VoidcurrentCase.setAssignee(ScriptUser user)Sets the assignee of a case
VoidcurrentCase.setAssignees(List<ScriptUser> users)Sets the list of users as assignees of a case
VoidcurrentCase.setCaseType(ScriptCaseType caseType)Sets the workflow the case belongs to
VoidcurrentCase.setContact(ScriptContact contact)Sets the contact in a case
VoidcurrentCase.setCreatedBy(ScriptUser user)Sets the creator of a case
VoidcurrentCase.setCustomField(ScriptCustomField customField)Sets the custom field in the case
ScriptCustomFieldcurrentCase.setCustomField(String customFieldSystemId, Object value)Sets the value in the custom field
VoidcurrentCase.setDescription(String description)Sets the case description
ScriptCustomFieldsetCustomField (String customFieldSystemId, Object value, CustomFieldValueOptions)Sets the value of the custom field value options. See Form Event Script Example.
VoidcurrentCase.setName(String name)Sets the case name
VoidcurrentCase.setOwner(ScriptUser user)Sets the owner of the case
VoidcurrentCase.setPriority(ScriptPriority priority)Sets the case priority
VoidcurrentCase.setProject(ScriptProject project)Sets the project of the case
VoidcurrentCase.setReferral(ScriptUser user)Sets the case referral
VoidcurrentCase.setStatus(ScriptStatus status)Sets the case status