The following table lists the available methods for the currentContact object:

Return TypeMethodExplanation
ScriptAccountcurrentContact.getAccount()Returns the account the contact belongs to
ScriptAddresscurrentContact.getAdress()Returns the address of the contact
StringcurrentContact.getCellPhone()Returns the cell phone of the contact
ScriptUsercurrentContact.getCreatedBy()Returns the contact creator
DatecurrentContact.getCreatedOn()Returns the date of the contact creation
ScriptCustomFieldcurrentContact.getCustomField(String customFieldSystemID)Returns the custom field that belongs to the contact
ObjectcurrentContact.getCustomFieldValue(String)Returns the value of the custom field that belongs to the contact
StringcurrentContact.getEmail()Returns the email of the contact
StringcurrentContact.getFax()Returns the fax number of the contact
StringcurrentContact.getFirstName()Returns the first name of the contact
StringcurrentContact.getJobTitle()Returns the job title of the contact
StringcurrentContact.getLastName()Returns the last name of the contact
StringcurrentContact.getMiddleName()Returns the middle name of the contact
StringcurrentContact.getName()Returns the name of the contact
StringcurrentContact.getPhone()Returns the phone number of the contact
StringcurrentContact.getSystemId()Returns the system ID of the contact
booleancurrentContact.equals(Object)Returns true if the specified object is equal to the current object
booleancurrentContact.isCustomFieldSelectedAll(String customFieldSystemID,Object value)Returns true if the value is one of the selected values in the custom field
booleancurrentContact.isCustomFieldSelectedAny(String customFieldSystemID,Object value)Returns true if the value is the only selected value in the custom field
voidcurrentContact.setAccount(ScriptAccount account)Sets the account for the current contact
voidcurrentContact.setAddress(ScriptAddress address)Sets the address for the current contact
voidcurrentContact.setCellPhone(String phone)Sets the phone number for the current contact
voidcurrentContact.setCustomField(ScriptCustomField customField)Sets the custom field for the current contact
voidcurrentContact.setCustomField(String customFieldSystemID, Object value)Sets the custom field value for the current contact
voidcurrentContact.setEmail(String email)Sets the email for the current contact
voidcurrentContact.setFax(String fax)Sets the fax number for the current contact
voidcurrentContact.setFirstName(String firstName)Sets the first name for the current contact
voidcurrentContact.setJobTitle(String jobTitle)Sets the job for the current contact
voidcurrentContact.setLastName(String lastName)Sets the last name for the current contact
voidcurrentContact.setMiddleName(String middleName)Sets the middle name for the current contact
voidcurrentContact.setPhone(String phone)Sets the phone number for the current contact