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Custom Table Controller

A custom table controller is a custom field that can display data on workflow action forms and allow users to add, update, and delete data. 

You use custom table controllers without scripting or post actions. To perform actions on custom tables using scripts, use a table controller instead of a custom table controller.

Custom table controllers use data from custom tables. 

Important: You can use only one custom table as the data source. Once you select a custom table, you will not be able to change your selection.   

You use filter queries to define which data from the custom table to display in the custom table controller. When users modify data through a custom table controller, the changes are automatically saved in the corresponding custom table. 

To use a custom table controller, you need to:

  1. Create the custom table controller and select the data source.
  2. Define filter queries and specify the way users can interact with custom table data.
  3. Add the custom table controller to a workflow action.