Custom Table Indexes

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Workflow supports indexing to improve the response time of queries on custom tables with large amounts of data, or when multiple tables are joined together in a query. You can create indexes for tables in the Custom Tables workspace on columns that you often use in SQL queries. 

Indexing can enforce a unique constraint on the column, ensuring duplicate data cannot be added or updated in the column. We display an error message when a user or script attempts to add a duplicate value to a column marked unique. When you create a unique constraint on a column with duplicate values, we also display an error. 

We impose the following constraints for indexing:

  • You can apply indexing on up to three columns for any custom table.
  • Indexed columns must contain less than 1,000 characters. 

To access the Custom Tables workspace, go to Setup > Development > Custom Tables.

Add Index to Custom Table

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To add a new Index to an existing custom table:

  1. Select Indexes from the Actions button for the desired custom table.
  2. Click Add Index.
  3. Select one of the columns from your table to which you want to add an index.
  4. Select the Unique option to restrict users from entering duplicate data in the column.
  5. Click Submit to finish adding the index.

Workflow adds the new index to the list of existing indexes, if any. We display these details on the list:

  • Name of column being indexed
  • Unique option setting
  • Index name
  • User who created the index
  • Date and time the index was created

You can delete an index by clicking Delete Index on the available actions menu. You cannot edit an existing index.