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Debug Panel

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When you open the debug tool, we display a collapsible panel on the left sidebar. You can expand and collapse this panel using the icon, giving you the maximum space possible to view recorded entries. Within the panel, Workflow displays these sections where you can configure the parameters of your debug sessions and see important information about running scripts:

Configuration Section

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Workflow enables you to select the parameters of your sessions in the Configuration section, located at the top of the collapsible panel on the left side of the Debug workspace. You can execute recorded sessions based on these settings:

  • All Users: Select this option to record the activity of all users.

  • Users: Enter a user, or select one from the list. You can only select one user.

  • Real Time: Select this option to record a session in real time. Workflow will display results in the Log Results section as they occur in the application. When not selected, Workflow only records the activity that occurs between the time you manually start and stop the session.

  • Start: Click to start recording.

  • Stop: Click to stop recording.

When you click Start to begin recording a session, Workflow displays these sections:

  • Executed Scripts: This also displays in the collapsible panel.

  • Log Results: This displays in the remainder of the workspace to the right of the panel.

We also display a progress bar at the bottom of the Configuration section that shows recording information, including when the recording started and how long before it stops. The blue bar recedes to indicate the time remaining in the two-hour time limit:

Executed Script Section

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After you execute a session, Workflow displays the Executed Scripts section in the collapsible panel. In this section, we display groups of scripts that execute simultaneously, in a table with this information:

  • PID: The process ID of the script

  • Script: System ID of the script

  • Script Type: Type of script

  • Info: Click the info link to display these details about the script in runtime:

    • Script system ID

    • User

    • Action on which the script was executed

    • Parent PID if the script has a parent

    • Parent name

    • Script type

    • Start time

    • End time

    • Execution time

    • Number of executed asynchronous scripts

We also display a script count below the list of executed scripts, and a Filter button that enables you to filter the list.

When a parent script appears in the list of executed scripts, Workflow displays the parent and child script(s) in a hierarchy, indenting the child scripts as seen in the following screenshot:

When you click the PID link on one of the scripts, Workflow replaces the log results with the specific results of that PID. We also display the script hierarchy above the table, enabling you to navigate among the parent and child scripts:

In the above example, you can see the hierarchy of the executed scripts. When you click:

  • Beginning, we refresh the log results window and the Executed Scripts table with all recorded scripts, according to any filters you may have set.

  • The PID of a parent script, we refresh the results window with log results for that script, and any child scripts.

  • The PID of a child script, we refresh the results window with log results only for that script.

We also refresh the results in the Executed Scripts table, depending on which script in the hierarchy you choose. We only display results for the script you choose, and any of its child scripts.

Note: A script can be both a parent and child script when it is executed by one script, and it subsequently executes another script.

Filter Executed Scripts

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Filtering can help you isolate a specific script from a potentially long list of executed scripts, enabling you to access and focus on specific issues.

To filter the executed scripts table:

  1. Click the Filter button.

  2. Enter a value in one of these fields to filter by that field:

    • PID

    • Script

    • Script Type

  3. Press Enter to initiate the filter.

Workflow will update the list to display only those scripts that match the criteria you entered.

To clear the filter, remove any filter criteria from the fields and press Enter to refresh the list.