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Use the debug tool to troubleshoot workflow configurations. The tool runs in the background and records activity that you can use to isolate various problems within the application.

You can run the debug tool based on a specific user's activity, or the activity of all users, and one or more categories. You can also run the tool in real time, or start and stop recording manually so you can collect the log details all at once.

When you run the tool in real time, Workflow displays the activity as it occurs, enabling you to see the order in which the scripts execute and complete. This can help you identify when scripts are running out of order, and if a particular script is properly executing its child scripts.

When you record activity while not in real-time mode, Workflow records the activity in the background. When you stop recording or refresh the page, the Debug Tool displays the results. When recording activity in this mode, you risk the possibility that some activities will not be available if the activity exceeds the maximum log count, or the two-hour time limit.

You can filter for executed scripts, and you can filter and sort results to quickly find the log information you need. Additionally, you can adjust the maximum log count up to 5,000 entries, and export the log details in CSV format.

To access the Debug Tool, go to:

  • Admin Tools > Debug Tool, or

  • Setup > Development > Scripts, open a script and then click the Debug button.