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Delete Case

The Delete Case action enables users to delete a case, all of its details, feeds, and case history. Workflow does not retain the feed activity log details for the case and it will no longer be visible or accessible to users.

Users can also delete cases using the Mass Update action. You can view a log of deleted cases in the Admin Change Log, which includes the following details:

  • Name of the user who deleted the case
  • Time and date the case was deleted
  • Case name
  • Case key

Warning: The Delete Case action is not reversible. Neither end users, nor administrators can undo this action or restore the case. You should carefully consider the permission settings on delete actions to ensure important information is not lost.

Workflow enables you to customize these specific settings for this action type:



Clear all approvals

Select to delete all user approvals in a multi user approval action, after the action executes. 

Feed Activity Description

Enter the activity description that will display to end users in the Activity column on a feed.

Note: The user's feed must be configured to include the Activity column in order for the description to display. These options are enabled by default.

Used as Mass Update Action

Select this to option to enable this action as a bulk action. See Mass Update Permissions for more information. 

Message Shown After Action Execution

Enter a message that will display after the action is performed. 

Next Action System ID

Enter the system ID of the action that executes automatically after the current action.