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Delete Comment

By default, Workflow automatically adds this action as a non-transitional action on all workflow statuses, and applies default configuration settings. You can deselect the action when you create a new status, and can add other actions. You can later remove actions, or modify the action settings.

When you configure the Delete Comment action, Workflow adds a Delete icon and an Edit icon to case comments. This enables users to edit and delete comments they have already added by clicking the associated icon next to the comment. Administrators are able to edit and delete any user’s comments with this action.

Important: You may want to carefully consider the permission settings on delete actions to ensure important information is not lost.

Workflow enables you to customize these specific settings for this action type:



Clear all approvals

Select to delete all user approvals in a multi user approval action, after the action executes. 

Feed Activity Description

Enter the activity description that will display to end users in the Activity column on a feed.

Note: The user's feed must be configured to include the Activity column in order for the description to display. These options are enabled by default.

Message Shown After Action Execution

Enter a message that will display after the action is performed. 

Next Action System ID

Enter the system ID of the action that executes automatically after the current action.