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Use the Email Settings workspace to disable email notifications, assign default subject line prefix and From and Reply addresses, and to filter and redirect emails, and select an email server.

To access email settings:

  • Go to Setup > System Settings > Email Settings.

Email Settings

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You can configure the following email notification options:

  • Disable Sending Emails: Select this checkbox to disable all email notifications for the tenant. Clear the checkbox to enable email notifications. Your changes take effect as soon as you click Save.
    If you select this checkbox, all notification settings, such as action notifications are retained, but notifications will not be sent. This means that if you later clear this checkbox, your notifications will be sent per your settings.  
  • Email Address Filter: Enter one or more email addresses, separated by comas, to which to send notifications. Notifications will be sent only to addresses you specify in this field. 
  • Email Redirection Rules: Enter one or more redirection rules, separated by commas, to route emails. Use the following format:


For more information about rule conditions, see Email Redirection Rules.

  • Default Email Prefix:  Enter the prefix to add to the subject line when you use the $!{subjectPrefix} tag in the Email Subject field of an email template. When a user executes an action that calls that email template, the subject line will include the value you define in this field. For example: the default email prefix is Workflow and the subject line is $!{subjectPrefix}welcomes you, will result in the subject line Workflow welcomes you.
  • Default From Address: Enter the email address that will appear in the From field of all notifications.  
  • Default Reply AddressEnter the email address to which all replies will be sent. If you do not specify an address, replies will be sent to the From address. 
  • Contact Email: Enter the address to receive email notifications. 
    For example: when you create a new user or a user clicks the Forgot your password link, the email address you specify here will receive a notification. 

Email Server

You can use a custom mail server instead of the default Workflow server forr sending emails.

To set up a custom server:

  1. Select the Use Custom Email Server checkbox.
  2. Enter the Email Server Host and Email Server Port in corresponding fields.
  3. Optionally, enter a Username and Password required to authenticate with the server.
  4. Optionally, select the TLS checkbox to encrypt emails when sending. 

Email Redirection Rules

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Use the following syntax in your email redirection rules:


where ruleCondition is the rule or comparison, and redirectAddress is the address to which to redirect emails. 

The rule condition can contain a complete email address or a partial address, such as

Separate rules with a comma. 


  • To redirect all incoming emails to, use the following syntax:


  • To redirect all incoming emails for sales@mycompny to janedoe@mycompany, use the following syntax:

  • To redirect specific incoming emails to a designated address, use the following syntax:,

This example will produce the following results:

  • All incoming emails that contain will be redirected to, and
  • All incoming emails that contain will be redirected to