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FAQs for End Users

A. Yes. You can access the Out of Office feature by selecting the User Settings link when you hover over your name in the upper-right corner of the Home page. Then, select the Out of Office tab to configure the dates you will be away, and a delegate who will manage your cases during that time. See Out of Office for more information.

A. Your Administrator manages action settings, view, and edit permissions for cases. See your administrator if you have questions about editing existing cases in different workflow statuses. See Case Details & Actions for more information about working with cases.

A. You can  view only cases in projects and workflows for which you have visibility permissions. If you can’t view a case for a project or workflow that you believe you should be able to, contact your Administrator regarding your permission settings.  

FAQs for Administrators

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A. You can use Workflow APIs to migrate and synchronize users from other SAP Sales Cloud products, or from an external system. The Aruba version of Commissions also provides a user synchronization feature that you can use to synchronize user and participant data between Workflow and Commissions. 

See Workflow APIs or Commissions User Synchronization for more information.

A. No. Administrators can delete a user by selecting Setup > Users, and then Delete from the Actions menu. We recommend you don’t delete users that have a history in the system. Rather, you can select the Edit action, and deselect the Active checkbox to make the user inactive.

See Users for more information.

A. You can mass update user permissions for individual action items. Select Setup > Processes > Mass Update Permissions, then select the Edit button next to the action you want to update. Your changes will update permissions for all users in the related permission group or system role.

See Mass Update Permissions for more information.

FAQs for Development

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A. Yes. We support SAML SSO. To configure  SAML SSO, you will need to contact Customer Support. See SAML SSO Integration for more information. 

A. The actions on the Exception Handler case rely on implemented scripts that you must customize for your specific needs. See Using Implemented Scripts or Exception Handling for detailed information about the exception handling processes. 

A. We are currently working on updating the scripting examples in this portal. We are currently transferring the examples from the former help system which we will update and thoroughly test. When we finalize new examples, we will update the product Home page with the most recently revised articles. We have completed examples for the following script types: