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SAML SSO Integration with Workflow

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To configure SAML SSO, contact SAP Sales Cloud Support, you cannot be configure it through Workflow.

To configure SAML settings for single sign-on from your corporate identity provider to Workflow:

  1. Gather the information from your identity provider and send it to SAP Sales Cloud Support.

    Required Information:
    • Issuer: Referred to the entity ID for the identity provider.
    • SingleSignOnService: URL to send the single sign-on request
    • SingleLogoutService: URL to send the single logout request.
    • Certificate: Optional: If you want to send signed assertions, you need to provide us your certificate public key.

  2. Configure your identity provider using information about our service provider. The URL will depend on the enviroment you are using:
    • EntityID:
    • SingleLogoutService: 
    • AssertionConsumerService:
    • NameIDFormat: This is the default name ID format: urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format:transient
    • Required SAML assertions: UID: This UID is mapped to the user Federation ID attribute or login name.
    • Optional SAML assertions: WFD if you want to use the same IDP on multiple tenants.

  3. Contact Customer Support for assistance in setting up your SSO and for more information about Workflow service providers.

  4. Test your single sign-on connection.

Note: Workflow does not currently support Just-in-Time user provisioning using SAML.