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Workflow enables you to view a summary of activities performed on cases by you and other users you have permissions to view. You can filter for a specific activity, change the number of results per page, and export the list to various file formats. Workflow also enables you to edit the results table, and drill down on certain details in the feed, such as users and cases.

When a user adds or updates a comment or file attachment that is marked for Internal visibility on a case, only users with appropriate permissions will be able to view the comment or attachment on the case and in the Feed. The Internal option restricts visibility to users in the same company.

Criteria Panel

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Workflow enables you to filter the feed results using these parameters:

Criteria   Filters By
Comment Search  Keywords in a comment
Action  An action type 
Start Status  Start status of a case 
End Status  End status of a case 
Projects Project name 
Workflows  Workflow name
Priorities  Case priority level 
Assignee  Case assignee 
Performer  User that performed the action 

You can also filter by:

  • Enabling this checkbox: Only include activities that have happened since my last log in.

  • Setting the From and To dates for the period you wish to view.

Once you define your filtering criteria, select the Search button to display the results. You can also use the Reset button to clear the criteria.

Feed Panel

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The Feed panel displays the results of your search or filtering criteria. You can sort results by clicking on a table header and you can change the number of results that display per page. You can also drill down on objects in the feed, such as cases and users.

Edit Columns

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Workflow provides these columns that you can add, rearrange, or remove from the table:

  • Action Name: Displays the name of the action.

  • Action Type: Displays the action type.

  • Activity: Displays the activity performed and a link to the case.

  • Assigned To: Displays the user assigned to the case after the action was completed.

  • Case ID: Displays the case name and ID with a link to the case.

  • End Status: Displays the status at the end of the activity.

  • More Info: Displays which custom fields were changed in the case, with their former and new values.

  • Performer: Displays the user who performed the last action.

  • Start Status: Displays the status at the start of the activity.

  • Updated: Displays the date and time the activity was performed.

To edit the columns that appear in the results table:

  1. Select the Edit link from the upper right corner of the Feed pane.

  2. Drag and drop available columns to the Currently Selected Columns pane.

  3. Drag and drop to rearrange columns as desired.

  4. Use these options as necessary:

    • Load Default Layout: Resets the table to the default settings.

    • Reset: Resets the table to your last saved settings.

    • Clear All: Removes all columns from the table.

  5. Click Save to update your table.

Export Feed

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To export data, click the icon of the format in which you want to export:

  •  CSV

  •  XLS

  •  XML

  •   PDF

Important: You are restricted to exporting 10,000 records.

Note: Workflow doesn't export the data from the More column.