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Workflow displays a list of all available forms that you can insert into the page layout. To search for a form by name, type the name of the form in the search box, and then click Search

Forms are a combination of custom and standard fields, and UI components that you configure using the Form Designer in the Reusable Forms workspace. Forms are a convenient way to group commonly used fields, such as account address information, so you can reuse it in multiple various actions.  See Forms for more information.

Important: If a form includes a standard field that is not allowed to be added to a Form Designer page layout, you will not be able to add the form to the page layout. Available standard fields vary by action type.

Add Form to Page Layout

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To add a form to a page layout:

  1. Drag and drop the form into the desired location on the page layout. You can add the form directly on the page, or you can place it inside one of these components:
    • Column
    • Section
    • Tab Container
  2. Rearrange the page by dragging and dropping the form to a new location, if desired.
  3. Click the Save button below the Tab section of the Form Designer, or below the Page Layout section to save your changes. 

Edit Form on Page Layout

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Workflow enables you to configure these settings on a Form you add to a page layout:

  • Label Style Attributes
  • Value Style Attributes
  • Visibility Permissions

We do not allow you to edit individual fields on a Form you add to a page layout, but we enable you to convert the form to individual fields that you can then customize. When you convert a form to fields, we do not retain any images or style settings that were added to the original form.

To edit the form properties:

  1. Click the  Edit icon on the form header.
  2. Configure the style attributes on the Label Style Attributes and Value Style Attributes tabs. The settings are the same on both tabs, with one difference. Label Attributes will apply to the field label and the cell that surrounds it. Value Attribute settings will apply to the input field and the cell that surrounds it. See the following links for more details on attribute settings: Basic Settings, Border Attributes, and Font Attributes.  
  3. Open the Visibility Permissions tab to select users and permission groups that will see this field. 
  4. Click Save to apply your settings.

If you want to convert the Form to individual fields, click this link that appears at the top of the Form configuration window: If you want to modify fields of this form, click here to split it into its fields.