The following table lists the available methods for the forms object:

Return TypeMethodExplanation
ScriptFormFieldform.addField(String customFieldSystemID)Adds the custom field on the form
voidform.addFieldsAutomatically(boolean )Automatically adds the defined list of fields to a form
boolean form.equals (Object)Returns true if the specified object is equal to the current object
ScriptFormButtonform.getButton(String buttonSystemID)Returns the button on the form
Objectform.getContextObject(String contextSystemID)Returns the context object
ScriptFormFieldform.getField(String customFieldSystemID)Returns the custom field on the form
ScriptFormFieldform.getLastUpdatedField(String customFieldSystemID)

Returns the last updated custom field on the form and is only available in these scripts:

  • After changing the value of custom field
  • Every time the form is updated scripts
form.getIFrame(String iFrameSystemID)
Returns the iFrame component with the provided System ID
ScriptFormTabControllerform.getTabContainer(String customFieldSystemID)Returns the tab container on the form
ScriptTableControllerform.getTableController(String tabControllerSystemID)Returns the Table Controller on the form
ScriptFormTextform.getText()Returns the text
Objectform.getValue(String customFieldSystemID)Returns the value of custom field on the form
ScriptFormWidgetform.getWidget(String widgetSystemID)Returns the widget on the form
booleanform.isParentForm()Checks if this form is the parent form
booleanform.isRootForm(String widgetSystemID)Checks if this form is the root form
voidform.quickSave()Performs the quick save operation on the form
voidform.refreshElement(String customFieldSystemID)Refreshes the context of the custom field
voidform.setContextObject(String contextSystemID, Object value)Sets the value in the context object
voidform.setForward(String url)Application will load the forwarded URL
voidform.setResponse(String message)Message that will display on the form
voidform.setText(String textSystemID, String value)Puts the value in the UI text field
voidform.setValue(String customFieldSystemID, Object value)Puts the value in the custom field
voidform.submit()Submits the form
voidform.validate()Validates client-side required fields on the form