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The Google Address Validator widget enables you to validate addresses using the Google Maps API. 

Acquiring Your Google Places API Key

Perform the following steps to get your Google Places API Key:

  1. Open a Google Developer account and activate the account (You will need credit card details.)
  2. Enable Places API:
  3. Set up AutoComplete Address Form: (Javascript example) 
  4. Get API Key:

Configuring Google Address Validator Widget

Perform the following steps to configure the Google Address Validator in Workflow: 

  1. Go to Setup > Fields & FormsCustom Fields 
  2. Create custom fields for Autocomplete, Street address, Street Number, Postal Code, City, District, State, and Country.
  3. Go to Setup > Fields & Forms > Integration Widgets.
  4. Select Google Address Validator and click Edit.
  5. Enter the API key and populate the custom fields.
  6. Create a new Action for a Case.
  7. Go to the Form Designer >Integration
  8. Drag the Google Address Validator to form.
  9. Drag the other custom fields and Save the form.
  10. Go to Action. If Geolocation is set, the Share Location dialog will pop up. All available information is populated in the form fields if the Street details are provided.

See Integration Widgets for more information.