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Hide Menu Items Example

This example shows you how to create a group of menu items that are hidden from all users.

To create a new menu item for this example:
    1. Log in as a Workflow administrator, click  on the navigation bar,  and navigate to Administration > Menu Settings.
    2. Click the New Menu Item link.
    3. Create the parent item for the menu group:
      1. Name the menu item: Hidden Items.
      2. Select the following checkboxes:
        • Active
        • Can be parent
          This option sets the item as the parent of the group.
      3. Set System Roles to Nobody.
        This option hides the menu group.
      4. Click Add.
        All children of this item will inherit its configuration settings.
    4. Drag the item you want to hide into Hidden Items.

    Since the permissions of the parent item, Hidden Items, are set to Nobody, no one will see the Hidden Items and Chargeback items.

    To confirm that the Hidden Items group does not appear on the navigation bar, click Exit Setup to open the User Home page. 

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