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Workflow provides two versions of the Home page for administrators: the User Home page and the Admin Home page.

The User Home page provides a navigation bar for access to Workflow features, and case-related information. The Admin Home page, available only to Administrators, provides access to administrative and setup options. 

When you log in, the User Home page opens. To open the Admin Home  page, click the  icon on the navigation bar.

Administrators can customize the Home page navigation bar using Menu Settings. Administrators can also create new Home page layouts. For more information, see Home Page Layouts.

This article describes the Admin Home page. For information about the User Home page, see Home Page


The Statistics section shows the following statistics:

  • Number of Cases: The total number of open and closed cases in the tenant.
  • Recent Cases: The number of cases that were in the tenant in the past 30 days.
  • Number of Projects: The total number of active and inactive projects in the tenant. 
  • Number of Users: The total number of active and inactive users in the tenant.
  • Last Login Date: The most recent date that a user logged into the tenant.

Quick Links

The Quick Links section provides quick access to the following commonly used features:

Customize Workflow

The Customize Workflow section provides links to each workflow in your tenant. 

For information about configuring workflows, see Workflows.

Help Resources

The Help Resources section provides helpful links to online resources, including the online documentation and the SAP Sales Cloud Community