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Workflow provides a Home Page Designer wizard that enables you to configure default home page layouts and custom home page layouts for specific users or permission groups. Use this feature to control the layout of the home page, including which lists display to end users and the position and order of the lists. 

End users can only have one custom home page layout assigned to them specifically, but can have multiple different layouts assigned to them if they belong to one or more permission groups that is assigned to another home page layout. For this reason, we enable you to apply priority levels for the individual layouts. See Priority for more information.

You must have one, and only one default layout. If you create a new default home page layout, Workflow will permanently remove the prior one. 

To access the Home Page Designer, go to  Setup > Administration > Home Page Layouts and select the New Home Page Layout link. You can also click the Home Page Designer button from the list of available actions on an existing home page layout. To quickly access the default home page layout for your tenant, go to Admin Tools > Customize Home Page.

Important: On the Homepage, the maximum number of Homepage Layout widgets you can have is 20. If you exceed the maximum number of widgets, an error message pops-up.

You can search the list of existing Home Page Layouts by entering keywords in the Search box and you can perform these actions on existing home page layouts by selecting one of these available Actions

  • Edit: Opens the Home Page Designer and enables you to edit the settings. 
  • Clone: Opens the Home Page Designer and enables you to create a clone of the home page layout you selected. Workflow copies all existing properties and configurations from the cloned home page. You can change any settings necessary but you must create a unique name for the new copy. If the original home page layout is assigned to a specific user, you must remove or change the user when you create the clone since a user can only have one home page layout
  • Home Page Designer: Opens the Home Page Designer for the selected home page layout.
  • Delete: Enables you to delete the selected home page layout.

Important: Workflow does not allow you to delete a default home page layout and does not display the Delete option on the Actions menu of a default home page layout. If you create a new default home page layout, we remove the prior one, even if you changed the type of the prior one to be assigned to a specific user or permission group. You cannot reverse a deleted or removed layout.