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Integration Widgets

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Use Integration Widgets to integrate with services which use JavaScript snippets to look up addresses, embed form elements, or display CAPTCHA.

By default, Workflow includes the following Integration Widgets that complete an address as users type in a field:

  • Google Address Validator: Uses the Google Paces API service.
  • Canada Post: Uses the Canada Post AddressComplete service.

Before you begin

Before setting up an Integration Widget, you need to:

  • Set up an account with the service that the widget uses 
    For the two widgets provided by default, these are Google Places API and Canada Post AddressComplete. 
  • Create custom Text fields for each field in the Integration Widget 
    Integration Widgets reference custom fields that appear on forms. This means that you need to map each Integration Widget field to a custom field.

To access the Integration Widgets workspace:

  • Go to Setup > Fields & Forms > Integration Widgets

Create a New Integration Widget

To create an Integration Widget, contact Customer Support with the following details:

  • Workflow tenant name
  • Name of the Integration Widget to set up
  • JavaScript snippet
  • Details of the fields that the widget requires, such as integration key and referenced fields

Using Integration Widgets

  1. Create custom fields to use with the Integration Widget.
    The custom fields must be of Text type.
  2. Configure the Integration Widget.
    To configure an Integration Widget, you must provide its integration key and map each Integration Widget field to a custom field.  
  3. Add the custom fields and the Integration Widget to a form.
    Note that you must add all fields that the Integration Widget uses. 
  4. Add the Integration Widget and all mapped custom fields to a workflow action.

Configure Integration Widget

To configure the Integration Widget:

  1. On the Integration Widgets page, click the Edit button of the widget you want.
  2. Enter the integration key in the Integration Key field.
  3. For each field, enter the name of the custom field to which to map.
  4. For the Google Address Validator widget, you can select the Geolocation checkbox. 
    When this checkbox is selected, Google will narrow search results to the user's local area. 
  5. Click Save.