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Log Results Section

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After you execute a recording session, Workflow activates the Log Results section to the right of the collapsible panel where you can view and manipulate the log results. We display a table with column headings you can sort, and a Recording Toolbar that enables you to filter, export, clear log results, and restart a paused session.

Sorting helps you to quickly find specific activities, and filtering enables you to isolate log entries you want to focus on.

To sort logs by column:

  1. Click on the column heading to sort by that column by ascending order.

  2. Click the column heading again to sort by descending order.

Note: The Script column displays the name of the script,  and a link that opens the script in the  Script Editor.

Workflow also displays the current log count on the bottom right corner of the workspace and you can adjust your maximum log count by sliding the square control on the Max log count gauge, located at the bottom left corner of the workspace. The gauge range is from 100 to 5,000 entries:

Recording Toolbar

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When you execute a recording, Workflow displays these buttons above the results table:

Active / Paused Button

When actively recording, this button displays as Active. By default, the debug tool records data for two hours while scripts are actively running in the background. When there is no activity for 30 minutes, Workflow pauses the recording and changes the Active button to Paused. You can restart the recording by clicking Paused and Workflow will resume recording until another 30 minutes passes without activity, or until the two-hour time limit is reached.

After two hours, the debug tool stops recording and refreshes the Configuration settings. We leave the log results open for you to use but we stop recording activity. Once you clear the results, or start another session, Workflow permanently deletes the log results, and you will no longer be able to view or export the recorded data.

Warning: Workflow only records data temporarily. Once the data is cleared, it is not retained in the application. Be sure to export data you wish to keep.

Level Button

Workflow records all log levels during a session and enables you to filter for the levels you wish to display at a given time. Use the Level button to open the Log Level Filter settings where you can choose the levels you wish to display.

Log level settings behave as a hierarchy, and the level you choose will include that level and all levels under it in the results. For example, if you choose the Debug level, Workflow will display all results for Debug, Warn, and Error.

To filter by log level:

  1. While viewing a list of logged activity, click the Level button to display the Log Level settings. You can choose from these levels, in this hierarchical order:

    • Trace: These results appear in blue and represent Workflow trace activities such as the identification of specific field names and IDs, case and project IDs, and script requests.

    • Info: These results appear in green and return the string and object values from methods you use in your scripts. When you choose this level, we also include these logs in the results:

      • logger.debug

      • logger.warn

      • logger.error

    • Debug: These results appear in black and can represent activities that occur in the background, such as when a user executes an action, or when Workflow checks for user visibility and access permissions. We return the string and object values from logger.debug methods you use in your scripts. When you choose this level, we also include these logs in the results:

      • logger.warn

      • logger.error

    • Warn: These results appear in orange and return the string and object values from logger.warn methods you use in your scripts. When you choose this level, we also include logger.error logs in the results.

    • Error: These results appear in red and return the string and object values from logger.error methods you use in your scripts.

  2. Select a level and click Apply. Workflow will refresh the results table based on your selection.

Filter Button

Workflow enables you to filter the results by column to more easily locate specific log results. To filter while recording manually or in real time:

  1. Click the Filter button on the Recording Toolbar.

  2. Enter keywords for one or more columns.

  3. Press Enter to filter the results.

  4. Click Filter again to collapse the filter fields if desired.

Workflow refreshes the results table to display only logs that contain the keywords for those columns.

To remove the filters, delete the keywords from the filter fields and press Enter. Workflow will refresh the results table and display all log results. The results displayed also depend on your log level settings.

Clear Button

Workflow enables you to clear log results by using the Clear button. This can be helpful in real-time mode, as you can perform activities, see the log results, and then make modifications to the application. You can then clear all the results and retest your activities, all in real time.

Warning: You cannot undo the Clear action. Workflow permanently deletes all existing log results. 

Export Button

Exporting data enables you to retain log activity which can be helpful for retaining entries when you exceed the maximum count of 5,000.

To export log entries select the Export button to download the existing log results in CSV format.