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Search Contacts

Workflow enables you to search for contacts using these methods:

  • Quick Search: Enter a Keyword (name or partial name) and then click Search. Workflow displays a list of results that match your entry. 

  • Advanced Search: Click the Filter option on the top right of the page to refine your Search. On clicking the filter icon, the panel expands to display the options to filter your search. Options include Name, Last Name, Email, Account, Only Active, and Include Custom Fields. 

  • Alpha Index Menu: Use the Alpha Index menu to quickly filter results by the name value. Select a character and Workflow displays a filtered list of available results.

View Contacts

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To view the details of a contact:

  1. Select a contact’s name from the list of available contacts.

  2. Workflow displays these tabs:

    • Basic Information: Displays the personal information associated with the contact, including name, address, phone, email information, and other details. You can send an email to the contact using the Send Message to Contact link.

    • Cases: Displays a list of cases that are associated with the contact.

    • Followed Cases: Displays a list of cases the contact is following.

  3. You can elect to include closed cases in the Cases and Followed Cases tabs.

Edit Contact

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To edit a contact:

  1. Click the Edit link of the contact you wish to edit.

  2. Update the contact details.

  3. Select Save.

Delete Contact

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To delete a contact:

  1. Click Delete to delete the contact. The contact will be removed from all cases.

  2. Click Yes in the confirmation popup.

Associate Contact with Case

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When a case form or action is configured with a Contact field, Workflow enables you to associate a new or existing contact to the case.

To associate an existing contact on a case form or action:

  1. Place your cursor in the Contact field and Workflow will display a list of existing contacts.

  2. You can start typing to quickly display possible contacts, using the autocomplete feature.

  3. Click on the contact or use your Enter key to add the contact.

  4. Workflow associates the contact with the case when you submit your changes.

To associate a new contact on a case form or action:

  1. Click the New Contact link near the Contact field on the form.

  2. Complete the required fields, at a minimum.

  3. Click Add to create the new contact.

Workflow displays the new contact below the Contact field:

  1. Click the gray box with the new contact's name to add them to the field.

  2. Complete any other edits and submit your form.