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Manage Projects

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Managing roles and permissions help you manage your projects more efficiently by controlling case assignments and visibility. See Manage Project Roles for more information.

You can use projects:

  • To categorize and group cases, and to represent cases that share similar characteristics, and span different workflows, such as:

    • Geographical: such as US, EMEA, APAC

    • Lines of business

    • Subsidiaries

Click the Edit button to edit the project's properties.

Select the Actions icon  to execute the following actions:

  • Details: See the record creation and update details.
  • Viewable By: Displays users with access to the object.

  • Translate: Displays the default translation value and a list of dictionaries it which the term is translated. To add or change a translation value, select a dictionary from the Translate To list, and enter a new value in the Translation Value field. For more information about specifying values, see Translations. 
  • Download Data: Export data for backup or to import into another tenant. A Workflow Backup file (WFB) downloads with your project. You can then import the file into another tenant using the Migration Manager
  • Delete: Delete the object. You cannot delete objects that are used in default settings, or objects that are in use.  

Create New Project

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Follow these steps to create a new project:

  1. Click the Add New button on the Projects tab.

  2. Complete the form fields:

  • Name: Enter a name.

  • Shortcut: Along with the workflow name and a recursive number, the Shortcut value you enter here is used as a part of the case key, which identifies the case. For a workflow named RMA and a Shortcut value of A, Workflow will assign the next recursive number and the resulting case key will look like this: RMA-A-123

    Warning: You cannot change the shortcut value once it's assigned.

  • Description: The description is displayed on the Project Details page.

  • Project Roles: Each project role will be listed in which you can assign users. Select a user to assign to a project role in the desired fields. See Manage Project Roles for more information on configuring and using project roles.
  • Project Permissions: Define who will have access to this project and related cases. 

    • Permission Group: Use the  toggle to switch between giving permissions to all or no users. When you switch the toggle to Nobody, Workflow permanently removes any values that were added to the Permission Groups and Roles field and we clear the [ All Users ] checkbox if it was checked. 

    • Select the [ Contact and Public Access ] option to enable permissions for contacts and public access users.

    • Permission Groups and Roles: Select the [ All Users ] checkbox to enable permissions for all users, or enter one or more specific permission groups from the list. Display the list by pressing your Enter key or Down Arrow on your keyboard, or you can start typing to display a list of values.

  1. Click Save to finish creating your new project.

Default Project

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Workflow enables you to designate a default project in the Select a default project field at the bottom of the workspace. When you create a new case without assigning it to a project, Workflow will assign it to the designated default project.

Assign Project to a Case

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Since each case must be assigned to a project, Workflow enables you to use any of these methods:

  • Manual selection: Display the Project field on a form, such as a case creation form, enabling users to select the project. Available options may be limited based on the permissions you configure on the project.


The screenshot illustrates an example of manually selecting a project on a form while creating a case.

  • Selection through rules: You can assign a case to a project using Post Actions in business rules, or with scripting. See Post Actions and Scripts for more information.

  • Default selection: When you don’t select a project manually or through rules, Workflow assigns the case to the default project. You can select the default project on the Default Project tab on the Projects workspace.

Filter Projects

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Workflow provides a Filter feature that enables you to find specific data using queries. The available filter parameters depend on the workspace you are searching from. The Project feature enables you to filter by these parameters:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Shortcut

For detailed information and more examples for creating simple and complex queries, see Search & Filter Data.