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Manage Unit Tests

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Search for Unit Test

Workflow displays existing unit tests in the file section of the Scripts workspace. You can search or filter for unit tests by typing a partial unit test name in the search field. Workflow displays all script types that match the name you entered in the search field. You can also use the Advanced link next to the search box to filter all unit tests.

Available Actions

When you right click on a unit test, Workflow displays these available actions:
  • Edit: Enables you to edit the script. 
  • Rename: Enables you to rename the script. 
  • Show Where Used: Displays a popup window with information on where the script is used. 

    Note: The Show Where Used action applies only to Workflow and Form Event script types.

  • Details: Displays a popup window with creation and update details about the script.
  • Download Data: Downloads the script in ZIP format.
  • Delete: Deletes the script.  

Edit Unit Test

To edit an existing unit test go to Setup > Development > Scripts.
  1. Right click on a unit test and select the Edit action, or double-click to open the script.

  2. Update the unit test and click Save.

Run Tests

Workflow enables you to run all unit tests simultaneously.
  1. Go to the Setup > Development > Scripts, then right-click on a folder, such as on the Root folder.

  2. Select Run Tests to execute the unit tests in all subfolders. You can also right-click on the target folder and select Run Tests. Workflow expands the folder and displays the scripts and subfolders.

Workflow runs the tests and displays a summary of test results in the Results tab. We display how many tests executed successfully, with errors, and with failures.

We also display the test name with a link to open the test, and display the status of the test in the Test Status column.

You can also run one test at a time. To run a test, open the test from the file manager and then click the Run Test button. Workflow will display the results of the test in the Output tab.

See Unit Test Script Example for more information.