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Merge Cases

Use this option to allow end users to merge data from another case. The cases can be from the same, or different workflows, and when executed, Workflow updates the initiating case with the merged information. We delete the other case along with all of its feed and case history.

This action provides a good way to handle duplicate or very similar cases so they can be processed as one.

Workflow enables you to customize these specific settings for this action type:



Clear all approvals

Select to delete all user approvals in a multi user approval action, after the action executes. 

Feed Activity Description

Enter the activity description that will display to end users in the Activity column on a feed.

Note: The user's feed must be configured to include the Activity column in order for the description to display. These options are enabled by default.

Message Shown After Action Execution

Enter a message that will display after the action is performed. 

Next Action System ID

Enter the system ID of the action that executes automatically after the current action.