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Multi User Approval

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Multi User Approval Action

Use the Multi User Approval action to track the approval of multiple users in a particular status. This enables you to require approvals, potentially from different people in different departments, before a case can move to the next status.

When you add this action to a status, Workflow displays a Progress Indicator panel on the Case Details page that displays messages for how many assignees must approve the case, how many assignees approved it already, and who still needs to approve the case:

When the Clear all approval option in Advanced Settings is configured on another action in this status, and that action is executed, Workflow clears all existing approvals on this action. Users are then able to approve the action again. See Advanced Settings for more information.

Workflow enables you to customize these specific settings for this action type:



Default Comment / Attachment Visibility

Select this checkbox to select public visibility by default for the attachment or comment. This option is enabled by default.

Submit Options

Displays the Submit and Next button that will automatically open the next case. 

Clear all approvals

Select to delete all user approvals in a multi user approval action, after the action executes. 

Follower Settings

Select from these options that are enabled by default:

  • Display the Follow this case option that enables users to follow a case.
  • Select Follow this case by default. 

Feed Activity Description

Enter the activity description that will display to end users in the Activity column on a feed.

Note: The user's feed must be configured to include the Activity column in order for the description to display. These options are enabled by default.

Message Shown After Action Execution

Enter a message that will display after the action is performed. 

Next Action System ID

Enter the system ID of the action that executes automatically after the current action. 

On default, when a user performs this action, Workflow assigns the case to the current assignee. You can configure a different assignee in this section where you can also elect to allow multiple assignees.  

For this action, you may want to enable the Allow assigning to more than one user option in the Assignment Rules section. This is disabled by default.

NoteWorkflow will only execute these assignment rules after all requirements in the Approve Rules settings are met.

When the Multi User Approval or Custom Multi User actions are used, Workflow enables this section for configuration. You can configure approval rules that determine when notifications are sent, and which users can perform the action. Click the link for detailed information.

Approve Rules

Workflow enables you to configure approval rules that determine the number of approvals needed to approve and how notifications are sent. Approve rules only apply to these action types:

  • Custom Multi User Action
  • Multi User Approval

Approval rules determine when the action is considered complete. If the action is put in a transitional place in the workflow, then the case will not transition to the associated status until the approval rules are satisfied.

Workflow enables you to set the number of approvers who need to approve the case before the action executes. When the requisite number of approvals are met, Workflow executes all other actions you configure in the other properties sections including those in Advanced Settings, Notifications, Assignment Rules, Post Actions, Events, and Style and Position as applicable.

Approvers are determined by the assignees. Ensure that all users that need to approve the case are assignees. See Assignment Rules for more information.

To configure approve rules for the multi user approval action type:

  1. Select the number of approvals needed to approve in the Approve Rules section. You can choose from these options:

    • All Assignees: All assignees need to submit their approval in order for the action to complete.

    • Only one of the assignees: Only one assignee needs to submit their approval in order for the action to complete.

    • At least X assignees: Enter the minimum required number of assignees who must submit their approval in order for the action to complete.

  2. Select from these options to determine when notifications are sent:
    • After each approval: An email notification is sent each time an assignee submits an approval. See Notifications and Email Templates for more information.
    • Only when case is approved: A notification is sent when all approval rules are satisfied.
  3. Be sure to save your settings. 

The Custom Multi User Action type enables you to use alternative terminology for the approval process. When using this action type, these additional fields are available:

    • Label when done: This is used to identify the action that the end user’s submission represents. The value will be used in these statements:

      • Nobody [action] it yet.

      • Case is [action] by [user name].

These statements will display on the Case Details workspace in the Multi Task Progress Indicator section.

Note: When you don't enter a value in the Label when done field, Workflow automatically sets it to Approved when you save the action.

    • Task name: Workflow displays this task name in header of the action form and in the Multi Task Progress Indicator. The task name is Case Approvals in the above and following examples.

      NoteWhen you don't enter a value in the Task name field, Workflow automatically sets it to Approvement when you save the action.