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Create or Edit Home Page Layout

To create a new home page layout go to Setup > Administration > Home Page Layout and select the New Home Page Layout link. Workflow opens the Home Page Layout wizard. To edit an existing home page layout, click the name of the home page layout or click the Edit button on the Available Actions menu for the home page layout you want to update. Then proceed through the following steps:

  1. Complete or edit the form fields: 
    • Name: Give the new layout a unique name.
    • Description: Add a brief description. This is used as an internal note for administrators.
    • Type: Select from these home page layout types:
      • Default: Select if this is the default home page layout for all users.
      • User: Select a specific user. You can only select one user. 
      • Permission Groups: Select one or more permission groups. You can hover over theInformation icon next to a permission group to view more details and you can select the Reset link at the bottom of the list to clear all permission group selections. 

        Important: You can only assign one home page layout to each permission group. 

    • Priority: Change the priority level if necessary. The default value is 10 and the lowest priority value will be the first to be assigned when a user has multiple home page layouts. Assigned layouts always take priority over a default layout, or a home page layout assigned to a permission group that the user also belongs to.

      Example: If a user belongs to two permission groups and each permission group has a different priority level, we display the home page layout with the lower priority number. If the same user has a specific home page layout assigned to them, that is the home page layout that will display for the user. 

  2. Click Next to open the Home Page Designer window. Workflow displays this default layout that you can modify:

  3. Workflow displays these tabs and their respective options that represent widgets, or panels that can be placed on the home page:
    • System
      • All open cases
      • Cases I Follow
      • Cases I Vote
      • Open cases I created
      • Open cases assigned to me
      • Open cases assigned to my department
      • Unassigned open cases
    • Smart List
      • All Open Cases
      • Assigned to Me
      • Cases I Follow
      • Cases where I am referral
      • Cases where I am the case owner 
    • List: Displays all existing custom lists that are not marked as private for an individual user.
    • Custom Widgets
      • Projects: Displays project details.
  4. Drag and drop options from the tabs above to add them to the page layout, or to reorder the options on the page. 
  5. Click the  Delete icon next to a panel you wish to remove.
  6. Select the Edit Layout link to customize the column properties. You can configure one or two columns and define the column widths in pixel units.
  7. Click Save to add the new home page layout.

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