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Workflow enables administrators to configure email notifications that will automatically deliver to users, notifying them of important events. Such events may include when a case is created, updated, or when a Service Level Agreement (SLA) threshold has been met.

We also enable you to define who will receive notifications when you update a case, depending on the permissions your administrator assigned you.

Receiving Notifications

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Workflow will send automatic email notifications to the email address associated with your user account. The types and frequency of the notifications will depend on permission settings and the frequency of activity on cases for which you have permissions.

You may receive notifications for these types of activity:

  • Case creation
  • Case activity, such as file attachments and comments
  • New account access
  • Password changes
  • SLA notifications
  • Other custom notifications as defined by your administrator

Sending Notifications

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Workflow enables you configure who will receive email notifications to when you create or update a case for which you have permissions. Your permissions will determine to whom you can send notifications.

When you perform an action on a case, Workflow displays a Notifications expandable list that you can use to configure your notification recipients. The Notifications list generally displays at the bottom of the action window and functions the same across all actions.

In the following example, we will go through the steps of configuring the notifications settings while adding a comment on a case:

  1. Click the Comment action on a case. The Add Comment window opens.
  2. Add your comment.
  3. Depending on your configurations, you may see these Comment Visibility options:
    • Public: Displays for anyone with permissions to view this case.
    • Internal (your company only): Displays only to other users within the same company as you.
  4. Select one of the above options.
  5. Click the expand icon next to Notifications to expose the settings.
  6. To remove users from the recipient list, use the Clear All link, or deselect the checkbox next to the user's name.
  7. To add recipients to the list, start typing the user's or contact's name in the User or Contact field.
  8. To manually add an email address, type the email address in the To Email field.
  9. Click the Add link to add the email address to the list of recipients.
  10. Click Submit and Workflow will send an email notification to all recipients on the list, providing detailed information about your new comment.

The screenshot below displays the Notifications section on the Add Comment action: