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Other Case Details

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Team Panel

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Workflow displays and enables you to manage team members. You can add new team members, remove members, and remove or assign roles to existing team members.

Based on the workflow defined by the administrator, roles may be used in case assignment rules. Members assigned to these roles will be assigned to the case in the appropriate status of the case.

Multi Task Progress Indicator Panel

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Workflow displays a Multi Task Progress Indicator panel when a case requires approvals from multiple users. We display the:

  • Progress Bar: Displays the total progress of the approvals if at least one user has submitted approval.
  • Progress History: Displays the date, time, and user(s) who approved the action.
  • Still Waiting: Displays the users who haven't approved the action yet.

Case Breadcrumbs

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When configured, Workflow displays Case Breadcrumbs that will appear similar to this:

You can click on the project portion of the breadcrumbs to open the Project Details page.

List Information

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When configured, Workflow displays List options on the Case Details page:

Workflow displays which lists the case belongs to, or shows that the case does not belong to any list. We enable you to create a new list to add the case to using the Add to New List link, or you can use the Add to List link to add the case to an existing list.

We do not restrict the number of lists the case can belong to.

See Lists for more information.