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Other Case Details

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Comments Panel

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When the Comments panel is displayed, you can view historic comments, or add new comments to the case. Depending on configurations, you may be able to sort the comments by date or adjust how the existing comments display. You can also use the Reply button to respond to an existing comment.

To add a new comment:

  1. Click the Add Comment link in the upper right corner of the panel.
  2. Add your comment in the window and apply rich text formatting if desired.
  3. Click Submit to add your comment to the case.

Team Panel

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Workflow displays the team members associated with the case that you have permissions to view. You can click the team member icon to view contact details and send the user a message.

Workflow Progress Diagram

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Workflow displays a workflow progress diagram that identifies the current status of the case. In this example, the case is in the first step (status), out of nine in the process:

Related Cases Panel

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Workflow displays a list of related cases and a summary of details about the case. Depending on your permissions, you may be able to drill down into the details of related cases.