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Project Custom Fields

Custom fields enable you to capture additional information about a project. For end users, custom fields will display in the Custom Data section on the widget on the Project Details page.

You can access the Project Custom Fields tab by going to Setup > Case Management > Projects.

Project custom fields are shared among all projects, although each project can have a different value. 

You can configure these permission settings:

  • Read Permission: Define which users are able to view project custom fields

  • Write Permissions: Define which users are able to edit project custom field values. 

For each of the above groups, use the  toggle to switch between allowing all or no users access to the custom fields. When you switch the toggle to Nobody, Workflow permanently removes any values that were added to the respective Permission Groups and Roles field and we clear the [ All Users ] checkbox if it was checked. 

For the Permission Groups and Roles fields, select the [ All Users ] checkbox to enable permissions for all users, or enter one or more specific permission groups from the list. Display the list by pressing your Enter key or Down Arrow on your keyboard, or you can start typing to display a list of related values. 

To define which custom fields will display in the Project Details panel, select one or more fields from the Add custom fields to Project field.