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Project Details

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Every case belongs to a project and a project can contain any number of cases. Projects are used to group similar cases together, enabling you to track and manage your cases. Workflow enables administrators to configure your Home page, where the Project Details workspace generally appears.

We also enable administrators to assign view and edit permissions to end users. These permissions determine which cases and projects you will be able to view and edit.

The following diagram illustrates the relationship between a workflow, cases, and projects:

See Case Details for more information on cases.

When configured, Workflow displays a Projects panel on your Home workspace that displays a list of all projects you have access to. Workflow enables you to search for projects, or select a project from the list to display the project details.

You can also access the project details page by clicking the project name in the case breadcrumbs. See Case Breadcrumbs for more information.

When you select a project, Workflow displays the details of the project in these additional panels:

  • Criteria: Enables you to retrieve cases using the filtering criteria.
  • Custom Data: Displays custom fields associated with the project.
  • Project Details: Displays details about the project, and case details and statistics.

Criteria Panel

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You can search for project cases using the Criteria panel and you can define how many results you wish to display per page. Click the Include closed cases checkbox to include closed cases in the search results. You can filter results by:

  • Status
  • Workflow
  • Show (Case Types)

When you click Refresh, Workflow displays the list of case results with details in the Search Results panel.

By default, Workflow shows only cases that are assigned to you. If you do not have any cases assigned to you in this project, then the list will be empty. Simply select different criteria to show cases.

Search Results Panel

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Workflow displays the results of the search criteria you entered in the Criteria panel.

To export data, click the icon of the format in which you want to export:

  •  CSV

  •  XLS

  •  XML

  •   PDF

You can also view the results in chart view or table view, and you can customize the columns you wish to display. See Charts and Edit Columns for more information.

Click the Case Key of the case you wish to open and Workflow will display the Case Details workspace. See Case Details for more information.

Custom Data Panel

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The Custom Data section displays additional detail about the project. We display a list of custom fields that are associated with this project for which you have access permissions.  You can edit these fields using the Edit button when you have the appropriate permissions.

Details Panel

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Workflow displays these details about the project in the Project Details panel:

  • Key
  • Description
  • Project roles
  • Case statistics
  • Case creation and update dates