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A project is essential to managing case access and organization. A case can belong to only one project and a project is mandatory for every case. Workflow enables you to leverage projects based on your unique business requirements.

The following diagram illustrates the relationship between a workflow, cases, and projects:

When you configure a project, we use the Shortcut value you define to create the case key.  The case key is a unique identifier for the case and is comprised as follows: Workflow Name - Project Shortcut - Recursive Number

Projects have these specific properties:

  • Custom fields
  • Roles

You can view the details of a project when you hover over the project on the widget on your Home page, or when you select a project from the widget. Details include the project description, associated roles, number of cases per workflow, and custom fields. See Home Page Layouts for more information on setting up the Project Details widget.

To access the Projects page go to Setup > Case Management > Projects.