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Public Case Creation Pages

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We provide a Public Case Creation wizard that you can use to configure pages that non-registered users can access to create cases. Upon completion of the wizard, we provide you a link that you can distribute to users, or you can embed it on a website where your users can access it. Workflow only allows registered users to create new cases by default. 

To access the workspace, go to Setup > Fields & Forms > Public Case Creation Page.

Create New Public Case Creation Page

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Workflow enables you to create a page within the application that non-registered users can access to create cases. These guest users do not need to log in. Once the user submits the case, Workflow enables them to view the case and perform limited actions, based on permission you configure. In the third step of the wizard, we provide a link that you can embed on a website, or otherwise distribute to users. You can paste the generated link into your browser to view the page layout.

To create a new Public Case Creation Page, go to Setup > Fields & Forms, and:

  1. Select the New Public Creation Page link. Workflow opens the Form Designer with a default page layout that you can customize. See Form Designer for more information on configuring page layouts.
  2. After you finish customizing your page, select Next to advance the wizard to the Settings step. 
  3. Configure the settings in these sections: 
    • Basic Settings:
      • Name: Enter a name.

      • Associated Workflow: Select a workflow.
      • Initial Case Status: Select the workflow status that the case will be placed in upon creation.

You can leave the following fields blank to enable users to select the values, or you can populate them with default values. When using default values, we do not include them on the public case creation page layout:   

  • Case Name
  • Default Project
  • Default Priority
Select one of these Default Assignee options:
  • Case Roles
  • Project Roles
  • Specific User
  • Unassigned
  1. Select Next to advance the wizard. Workflow displays a link that users can use to access the new case creation page. 
  2. Click OK to return to the Public Case Creation Page workspace.

We also allow you to configure the following settings after you've already created the page. Select the Edit action on the Public Case Creation Page to access these settings:

Follow the links above for detailed information on configuring the settings. 

Manage Public Case Creation Pages

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When you open the Public Case Creation Page workspace, we display a list of existing case creation pages. You can enter a keyword to search for a specific page, or you can filter by these fields: 

  • Name 
  • Hidden

We also provide a Look Up field that you can use to find a public case creation object, based on the URL you provide. This is a convenient way for you to look up an instance when you don't know the name or when it's among a lengthy list of objects. Enter the URL in the Look Up field and click the button. Workflow opens the related public case creation object in edit mode.

Workflow enables you to perform these actions: 

  • Edit: Edit the object properties.

  • Details: See the record creation and update details.
  • Form Designer: Opens the Form Designer. See Form Designer for more information.

  • View Link: Displays the link for your public case creation page. 
  • Delete: Enables you to delete the object.