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The following table lists the available methods on the ScriptAccount object:

Return TypeMethodExplanation
StringgetName() Returns the name of the account 
String getDescription() Returns the account's description 
String getLocation()Returns the account's location 
getBillingAddress()Returns the account's billing address 
ScriptAddress getShippingAddress()Returns the account's shipping address 
ScriptContact getPrimaryContact()Returns the account's primary contact 
StringgetPhone() Returns the account's phone
StringgetSystemID()Returns the account's system ID
ScriptCustomFieldgetCustomField(String customFieldSystemID)Returns the custom field value
Object getCustomFieldValue(String customFieldSystemID) Returns the custom field value 
Boolean isCustomFieldSelectedAny(String customFieldSystemID, Object value)Returns true if the selected predefined value of the custom field is the value
Boolean isCustomFieldSelectedAll(String customFieldSystemID, Object value) Returns true if one of the selected predefined values of the custom field is the value
Void setName(String name)Sets the account's name
Void setDescription(String description)Sets the account's description
setLocation(String location)Sets the account's location
Void setBillingAddress(String billingAddress)
Sets the account's billing address 
Void setShippingAddress(String address)
Sets the account's shipping address
Void setPrimaryContact(ScriptContact contact)
Sets the account's primary contact 
setPhone(String phone)
Sets the account's phone number
setWebAddress(String webAddress) Sets the account's web address
Void setCustomField(ScriptCustomField customField)Sets the account's custom field value
ScriptCustomFieldsetCustomField(String customFieldSystemID, Object value)Sets the custom field value