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The following table lists the available methods on the ScriptCaseManager object:

Return TypeMethodExplanation
ScriptCasegetCase(String caseID)Gets a case
Void addAttachment(ScriptCase caze, ScriptFile scriptFile)Adds an attachment to a case 
Void addAttachment(ScriptCase caze, ScriptFile scriptFile, boolean internal)Adds a file as a public or internal attachment to a case 
Void addAttachmentRevision(ScriptCase caze, ScriptAttachment originalAttachment, ScriptFile newFileRevision)Attaches a new revision for the desired case and attachment 
Void addToList(ScriptCase caze, String caseListSystemId)Adds a case to a case list 
ScriptCasecreateCaseRelation(ScriptCase fromCase, ScriptCase toCase, String relationName)Creates a relation between two cases 
Void createRelatedCase(ScriptCase sCase, String relationName, String name, ScriptCaseType sCaseType, ScriptProject sProject)Creates a related case using the provided relation name in the provided project 
Void delete(String systemId)This method:
  • Deletes the case with the provided system ID
  • Does not delete the currentCase
  • Delete multiple cases by passing a list of IDs
List<ScriptCase> find(String query)Finds the list of cases that match the query 
List<ScriptCase> find(String query, Integer pageSize, Integer pageNumber)Finds the list of cases that match the query 
ScriptCasenewCase(ScriptCaseType caseType)Creates a new case. CaseType represents a workflow.
VoidremoveFromList(ScriptCase caze, String caseListSystemId) Removes the case from a case list 
VoidremoveCaseRelation(ScriptCase fromCase, ScriptCase toCase) Removes the relation between two cases 
Void save(ScriptCase caze)Saves the case 
Void update(ScriptCase caze)
  • Update one case by passing the case object to update
  • Update multiple cases by passing a list of case objects to update