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The following table lists the available methods on the ScriptContact object:

Return TypeMethodExplanation
StringgetSystemId() Returns the contact's system ID
StringgetName()Returns the contact's name 
String getFirstName()Returns the contact's first name 
StringgetMiddleName() Returns the contact's middle name 
StringgetLastName()Returns the contact's last name 
ScriptAccountgetAccount()Returns the contact's account
StringgetJobTitle()Returns the contact's job title
ScriptAddress getAddress()Returns the contact's address 
StringgetEmail()Returns the contact's email
StringgetPhone()Returns the phone of contact
StringgetCellPhone()Returns the contact's cell phone
StringgetFax()Returns the contact's fax number
ScriptUsergetCreatedBy()Returns the user who created the contact
ScriptDategetCreatedOn()Returns the date when the contact was created
ScriptCustomFieldgetCustomField(String customFieldSystemID )Returns the custom field 
ObjectgetCustomFieldValue(String customFieldSystemID)Returns the value of the custom field
StringisCustomFieldSelectedAll(String customFieldSystemID, Object value)Returns true if one of selected predefined values in the custom field is the value
BooleanisCustomFieldSelectedAny(String customFieldSystemID, Object value)Returns true if the selected predefined value in the custom field is the value 
VoidsetFirstName(String firstName) Sets the contact's first name
VoidsetMiddleName(String middleName) Sets the contact's middle name
VoidsetLastName(String lastName)Sets the contact's last name
VoidsetAccount(ScriptAccount account) Sets the contact's account
VoidsetJobTitle(String jobTitle)Sets the contact's job title
Void setAddress(String address)Sets the contact's address 
VoidsetEmail(String email) Sets the contact's email
VoidsetPhone(String phone) Sets the contact's phone
Void setCellPhone(String cellPhone)Sets the contact's phone 
StringsetFax()Sets the contact's fax number
VoidsetCustomField(ScriptCustomField customField) Sets the value of the custom field
ScriptCustomFieldsetCustomField(String customFieldSystemID, Object value) Sets the custom field