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The following table lists the available methods on the ScriptContainer object:

Return Type Method Explanation
Object getCell(Integer rowIndex, String columnSysId) Returns the value of a cell in the container
List<Object> getColumn(String columnSysId) Returns the list of values from the container's column
Map<String, Object> getRow(Integer rowIndex) Returns the row for a specified index, or null if the row does not exist
List<Map<String, Object>> getRows()

For this method:

  • Returns the list of rows from the container
  • Each row is represented as a map
  • The String is the system ID of the custom fields (columns) of the container and the Object is a value of the custom field
Void addRow(Map<String, Object> row) Adds a row to the container
Void deleteRow(Integer rowIndex) Deletes a row from the container
Void updateRow(Integer rowIndex, Map<String, Object> row) Updates a row in the container